Rogue Anti-Spyware

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Rogue anti-spyware is essentially the same as rogue antivirus. These are programs, which work with tricking the user into buying something that does no real work, and is potentially malicious as well. The spread of these threats is significant and many computers continue to be infected.

Short Description

Rogue anti-spyware applications can easily be described. They are threats, which silently infiltrate the victim’s computer, quite commonly alongside unprotected freeware applications. From then on they proceed to exact changes to the system’s registry, which hides them well among all legitimate processes. This is used to fool any real antivirus solutions, which might be running. Once all this is accomplished the rogue program starts displaying sure signs of spyware infection. This might come in the form of randomized threat scans that appear to locate a multitude of threats, or as simulations consisting of someone controlling the victim’s computer. They are however fairly easily recognized, due to the fact that they require the user to pay for a full version of the given solution in order to stay safe.
Rogue Anti-Spyware 2

Methods of Invasion

Unlike viruses, rogue anti-spyware programs do not insert any code into existing applications. Instead, they are applications on their own and they employ social engineering to become operational on the person’s computer. Social engineering is an act of manipulation, through which the user is pushed into installing a given threat on their own accord. This can for instance happen through ads posted on a given unprotected website. If not, some freeware applications will sponsor themselves through advertisements in their installer packages. One thing is sure though. There is no way that a scareware application can enter your computer without you inviting it first. This does not apply when your network is attacked by hackers and they place malicious applications within your computer.
Rogue Anti-Spyware

Why Anti-Spyware?

With all the attempts for malicious activities in the online world to be stopped, developers of viruses and other threats had to get smarter. This is why they started making all such applications with more detail and considerably more likely to turn out to be legitimate. Whereas general rogue anti-virus programs could be discovered immediately by someone with just a little bit of experience with computers, the more specialized anti-spyware programs are now a tough nut to crack. They show the names of real spyware threats and their design elements are thought out with detail. That way even experienced individuals will think twice and will have to commit to research online in order to see the truth behind such a solution.

Threat Classification and Prevention

Rogue anti-spyware easily falls within the category of scareware. They are threats, which are considerably similar to regular rogue antivirus programs. There are very small differences to be observed between them. As such, they are treated in the exact same name. Anti-scareware campaigns encompass anti-spyware as well, and all antivirus solutions, which treat scareware, will take care of rogue anti-spyware. The users are advised to always make research online when an antiviral solution enters their computer and they do not know from where.

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