Claria Corporation

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The Claria Corporation was established in 1998 under the name Gator Corporation. During its years of operation it was claimed that it distributed only spyware solutions, even though the owners of the company themselves denied it. They claimed that they are servicing over 40 million customers, even though there were no official records to really prove that. This is why the name of this company is extremely controversial in the virtual world. There was no definite proof of their activities, and perhaps there never will be, because the company officially discontinued their main product in 2006 and closed doors in 2008.

The main product of the corporation was the so-called Gator, or Gain AdServer. It was an application, which gathered information about the habits of computer users and then sent them off to the Claria Corporation itself. From then on they sent various advertisements to these users, by promoting their interests loosely. A lot of other programs with varied design choices followed afterwards. Still, the majority of these programs all did the same thing – they advertised without the permission of the user. This is what earned the initial bad fame for the company.

Soon however a lot of claims that the company actually dealt in spyware arose. There was an abundance of complaints from various users and companies, claiming that the Claria Corporation stole some of their vital information. This was never proven however. No bank accounts were emptied, and the corporation itself never really showed any sign of illegal income of any sort. This is why any charges that were raised along the way were dropped only in a manner of months.

The Claria Corporation is long-gone now and there are no official websites or servers to sustain its legacy. Still there is an abundance of computes, which are infected by its applications even until this day.

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