Live Security Platinum

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Protect Your Computer From Live Security Platinum

Download and scan your computer to remove this malware instantly.

Description: Detailed analysis about Live Security Platinum and how harmful the threat is for your computer. Latest Live Security Platinum removal instruction and how Live Security Platinum works. Free spyware scanner and computer protection.
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Threat Level: Offline or safe mode scanning is required to remove the threat (very dangerous)
Removal: This infection can be removed using SpyHunter. Free Download

Live Security Platinum is a fake anti-spyware program that will encourage you to buy its licensed version. Although it might look similar to usual anti-spyware programs, this is just a malware application that causes the insecurity of your personal computer settings and data.
Live Security Platinum

Live Security Platinum Description

Live Security Platinum usually alarms the PC user to take a look at the security of his PC by running a pseudo-scan and showing fake results. Live Security Platinum shows multiple viruses that are not real. This malware software might not only provide you with fake alarms, but slow down your operational system as well.

How to remove Live Security Platinum

The most easy way to remove this malware software is to run a real anti-spyware application and request a full scan of your computer. You can use Spyware Doctor – this program is known to always detect and remove Live Security Platinum and other similar viruses in a rather little time.
Of course, there is another possibility of removal, but the alternative is only for advanced users. You might open the task manager and terminate these working processes:

  • securitymanager.exe
  • securityhelper.exe
  • Live Security Platinum 3.6.1.exe
  • antivirii.exe

After you have done that, it is obligatory to remove the registry modifications caused by Live Security Platinum. There are more files, which need to be deleted in AppData and StartMenu folders. Once everything is deleted, you must restart your PC and it will work properly again, without the Live Security Platinum fake warnings bothering you.

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Protect Your Computer From Live Security Platinum

Download and scan your computer to remove this malware instantly.

Please note: The software you are about to download is provided by the third party and you are fully agree to their terms of service and privcy policy. Free scanner is available just after you will install the anti-virus software to your computer.

Need help removing Live Security Platinum? We will Help You!

Contact us imidiately by fillin up the helpdesk form with your reuest. We do not guarantee to remove the malware if SpyHunter did not help.

Technical support helpdesk operates 24/7, the average respond time is from 30 minutes to 4 hours.

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